Privacy Policy

rimg (Reverse Image Search) is the mobile and web applications developed by Wios. These apps are offered for free and are intended for use as‑is without any guarantees.

At Wios, the privacy of our users is of utmost priority. On this page, we have outlined the policies governing the privacy of rimg app users. If you decide to access, download, and use rimg, these policies will apply to you.

As a rimg user, you agree to the collection and usage of any information generated while you interact with the app, as described in this privacy policy. Your information is not shared with any third-party, unless required by law. The information is collected to provide you the service and improve our apps.

Collected Information

While you use the app, we may collect:

  • device’s unique identifiers,
  • timestamp of your interactions,
  • log data,
  • your public IP address, and
  • uploaded content.

rimg uses some third party tools. They may have their own set of information they collect. Please review their privacy policies too. Find more information in “Third-party Policies” section.

Information Use

Your device’s unique identifier is used for analytics and security purposes. We use these to ensure only authorized users have access to our services. The timestamps of when you access the app is used for analytical purposes. Your public IP address is used to get a general idea of where you are interacting with the app from. We do not collect or track your exact physical location.

The log data we collect helps us figure out any issues within the app and fix them. They contain information about your device type, OS version, app version, browser’s user agent, access timestamp, and incident timestamp. In case an app crashes, it also includes information about that crash to help us fix the underlying issue causing it.

When you search an image, the app needs to store that image temporarily on a remote server to pass that image on to the search engines. The temporarily stored images are automatically deleted from our servers. Since these image are sent to the search engines, their privacy policy and content retention policy will apply when you are using their service.

Third-party Policies

rimg uses some third-party tools and services to serve advertisements and monitor performances of our apps. These tools and services help fund the operation of this app and improve it. Please review their privacy policies too since they may apply to you. The following are some third-party tools we use and their privacy policies.

Apple App Store
Apple's Privacy Policy

Google Analytics and other Google Services
Google's Privacy Policy

Google Firebase
Google Firebase's Privacy Policy

Microsof Privacy Policy Statement

Yandex's Privacy Policy

Cookies Policy

Cookies are files that store small data on your browser to store your preference. When you use rimg through a web browser, our web page along with embedded third party assets may create cookies on our device to store and collect information from you. If you do not want cookies created or stored persistently, you can use a private browsing mode on a web browser. (We recommend our app Safe Page for private browsing. Only available on iOS.) When you disable cookies, some features on the web site and the app may not work correctly for you.

Data Security

All data transmission between the app and our servers take place securely through TLS (Transfer Layer Security) channel. All collected information is stored in a secure server. To avoid unauthorized access, these servers are set up with appropriate access control and firewalls. Other reasonable measures like appropriate encryption are implemented to ensure your data are protected. Even though we have put our best efforts to secure your data, we are unable to guarantee perfect security due to the nature of data transmission over the internet and data storage.

External Links

The app and website may contain links to third party websites. When you follow any external link and visit a website not controlled or maintained by Wios, then you are subject to that website’s privacy policy. Please review their privacy policy to understand what they are collecting and how they are handling the information they are collecting.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

The apps and websites offered by Wios, including rimg, is not intended for the users below the age of 13. If you are below the age of 13, then seize using Wios’ services immediately. We do not knowingly collect information from any children below the age of 13. If you know of someone who might be below the age of 13 that may have shared any personally identifiable information with us, please let us know immediately by emailing at privacy[AT] We will take appropriate actions immediately to remove the information.

Privacy Policy Updates

Wios may updated this privacy policy from time to time to comply with current laws and regulations and to improve our service and our user’s privacy. Every time you use our service, it is your responsibility to keep yourself up to date on our privacy policy. Every time you use our service, it is understood that you agree to these policies and commit to comply with them.

If you have any questions about our privacy policies, please contact us at privacy[AT] We will do our best to answer as quickly as possible to clear your confusions.

Thank you for using rimg. We are glad to have you as our user.